//Where to Buy Kratom: A Buyer’s Guide

Where to Buy Kratom: A Buyer’s Guide

Kratom has become a widely used plant in recent years, everyday I hear more and more people asking about it, both online and in person.  One of the most common questions people seem to have is “where can I buy kratom?”.  Of course, you can always type your question into Google and trust the almighty search engine to deliver you the best online kratom vendor, but that’s not always the best idea.

There are many different places to buy kratom, each method has its own pros and cons, what might be best for someone else, might not be the best for you.  So we’ve compiled a list of different ways to purchase kratom and we’ll let you decide how you prefer to buy!

So Where is the Best Place to Buy Kratom?

Smoke Shops

Many smoke shops have started carrying kratom in the recent years.  This is definitely one of the most convenient ways to purchase kratom, especially if you are brand new to the kratom experience.  Many smoke shops carry flashy and extremely overpriced kratom powders and capsules though.  I have yet to come across a decently priced OR quality line of kratom in a smoke shop.  I understand the convenience of purchasing kratom in a smoke shop, especially for newcomers, but it simply isn’t sustainable if you use it often or use higher quantities at once.

So if you’re brand new to kratom and just curious, it never hurts to go down to the friendly neighborhood smoke shop and give it a try!

Online Kratom Vendor

Since I’m writing this on a kratom shop‘s blog, this may obviously be a bit biased, but online kratom vendors tend to be one of the best places to purchase kratom.  The prices are much better than smoke shops and there are many reviews out there for most online kratom shops that can give you an idea of the quality of the product.  This is a great middle of the road option for people who want good prices, but don’t want to risk sending money overseas to a farmer with no guarantee that you’ll ever see your product or money again (more on that later).

Online kratom vendors also carry unique benefits like offering sample packs, letting you try many different strains without having to order huge amounts at once.  And hey, you’re on one of the best online kratom vendor’s site right now!  Might as well have a look around, right?

Straight From the Source

Ordering kratom straight from a grower (usually overseas, depending on where you live) is what a good number of seasoned kratom users do to keep up their supply of kratom.  Finding a trustworthy grower can be one of the hardest parts of this method.  If you go to Instagram or a Facebook kratom group and mention that you’re looking for a kratom supplier, give it ten minutes and you’re inbox will full to bursting!  (I’ve seen it happen!).  The big risk is unless you use a payment system like PayPal (and don’t send it as a gift!) then you run the risk of being ripped off.  Most of these growers are not operating official businesses, and such, don’t have to follow the same procedures as some online kratom vendors do.

While this method is definitely the cheapest method, unless you know somebody with a good grower contact, you might have a hard time with it.  Most growers won’t send less than a few kilograms either, so unless you know you know their product is great, you might be out a few hundred dollars at least if it turns out to be poor quality.  With the way regulations are going, you also have to think about your kratom entering your country and going through customs too.  Some countries have been seizing kratom at customs, regardless of legality, and refusing to let it pass.

So, How Will You Buy Your Kratom?

With all the choices out there, it never hurts to branch out and try different methods.  If you’re new to kratom and don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience, then stop by your local smoke shop and pick some up.  If you’re looking for great prices, variety, trusted reviews, and great customer service, give an online kratom shop a try (maybe even Kratom Core!).  If you’re a seasoned kratom expert, then you’re probably already buying from a trusted online vendor or grower, so why are you even reading this?!

However you choose to buy your kratom, we can all agree that it’s nice to have options.  You might love your smoke shop’s brand of kratom, and maybe their prices are great!  If so, then that’s great!

And always make sure you know the legality of kratom in your area before trying to purchase!  Many websites have built-in blocks on areas that have kratom banned, but many growers won’t know your local laws, and if they ship to you, it could cause some trouble for you.  We never support breaking the law, so if kratom is illegal in your area, just put pressure on your representatives and tell them you support kratom because it truly does save lives!

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