//Buying Kratom with Bitcoin

Buying Kratom with Bitcoin

How to Use Bitcoin to Buy Kratom!

Kratom Core is excited to announce that we now accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and LiteCoin as payment methods.  With the troubles that we’ve had with credit card processing, we wanted to give people another way to buy our amazing product!  We know that some people don’t know how to actually buy the Bitcoin to use, but we’re going to show you, step by step, how to do this so you don’t have to worry about your credit card being declined again!

Step 1: Sign up for a free Coinbase account (there are many others, but this is the one we recommend).

Step 2: Complete your account by verifying your email, phone number, and adding a payment method.

Step 3: Click Buy/Sell in the top menu

Step 4: Buy however much Bitcoin you need for the purchase (We recommend buying slightly more, just in case the price fluctuates slightly).

Now that you have Bitcoin, it’s super simple to use it for your Kratom Core order!  Just select Bitcoin/Altcoin as the payment method on the checkout page and checkout.

You’ll then be taken to this page, simply pick which coin you want to pay with, and send the EXACT amount to the wallet address listed.
Kratom with Bitcoin

To send the payment, just go to your Coinbase Account section, and hit send under the coin you want to use.  Copy the wallet address from the checkout screen and paste it into the send address.  Make sure the amount is exactly the same as listed on the checkout page, otherwise our system gets confused and won’t complete your order correctly.

That’s it!  Now that you have a Coinbase account and some Bitcoin, checkout is a breeze.  We know that this can seem like a pain to set up, but until offshore credit card processing is more reliable, this is the best way to actually pay with a card!

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