//The Kratom Sample Pack – Getting Started with Kratom

The Kratom Sample Pack – Getting Started with Kratom

Why Kratom Sample Packs?

If you’re a newcomer to the world of kratom, you probably don’t understand the differences between all of the different types of strains and vein colors (I know I didn’t when I first started researching kratom).  Even if you have a general idea, different strains react differently for different people.  The only real way to understand the effectiveness of a certain type of kratom is to try it.  But where do you start?  A kratom sample pack!

Our kratom sample packs allow you to buy a variety of strains without having to think about what might be the best strain for you.  Our Random Sample Pack is perfect for newcomers, just order it and we’ll throw in either 3 or 6 random one ounce samples for you to try.  All strains in our kratom shop are eligible for this sample pack.  If you have any specific products you want included in your sample pack, simply let us know what you’re looking for in your order notes.

Kratom Sample Pack

Other Kratom Sample Pack Options

We also offer vein color sample packs.  This is great if you have a vein color preference for your kratom, but want to experience more specific strains.  We offer red vein, white vein, and green vein kratom sample packs.  If you don’t know which vein color you prefer, it might be best to try the Random Kratom Sample Pack first, then you can find out with vein color works best for you.

Generally, if you’re looking for a boost of energy and focus, white strains tend to be best.  If you want relaxation and calming effects, red strains are great.  And if you’re looking for a nice balance of the two, green strains are a good choice.  If you’re looking for the most euphoric kratom, check out our recommendations.  Of course, all of these effects are subjective, but if you are new to kratom, then it’s a good starting point to help you decide.


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