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Why hasn’t my order shipped?

Please allow 24 hours after ordering for your order to be shipped.  If you paid by credit card, make sure you followed the instructions during checkout to enter your payment information (we will not fulfill your order before payment is complete).  A link on the order complete page will take you to the payment info page, if you can’t find that, look for your order confirmation email (make sure to check spam/junk!), the link will be there also.

Where’s my tracking number?

Tracking numbers are sent with the order complete email.  We send these out right before we take them to the post office.  Again, check your spam/junk folder for the email from us.

Why hasn’t my package arrived?

Is there a tracking number?  Is it in transit?  If so then it’s the Post Office being slow.  If the package shows it’s not in transit or there is no tracking number, please contact us and we’ll get it figured out.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship internationally because of legal issues.  We try to stay up to date on the legal status of kratom in the US, but at this point, we simply don’t have the time to keep up to date on legality worldwide

Kratom is banned in my area, will you still ship it to me?

No.  We will not ship to any area where kratom is banned.  Contact your representatives and urge them to lift the ban, and one day we will!

Your credit card system sucks!

That’s not a question!  But we know; Blame the credit card companies!  They’re doing everything in their power to screw kratom vendors over and they’re making it almost impossible to accept credit card payments.  If they want to fight dirty, we’ll do the same by finding a workaround.

What payment options do you accept?

Credit cards, Echeck, and cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.  No we do not accept COD.

Why don’t you go into more detail about the benefits of kratom on your site?

FDA regulations are very strict about what we can say about kratom and its benefits.  If you want a truthful and uncensored version of kratom benefits, find a kratom blog, group, or community that doesn’t have to comply with vendor regulations.

Can kratom help me with…?

We probably won’t be able to give you an honest answer because of the previously mentioned FDA regulations.  It’s best to use Google for questions like these.

How do I take it/How much should I take?

Our products are not intended for human consumption.  We don’t condone ingesting our products and will not give any advice on how to do so.